If We Can Help You Close
More Deals Every Month
for ONLY $197 $97

If We Can Help You Close More Deals Every Month
for ONLY $197 $97


Over 50% OFF! For Action Takers ONLY! Offer Expires FOREVER In...

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  • FULL ACCESS TO S.A.L. ($4,997 Value)
  • My STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT on exactly how to fill the funnel and close deals FAST (These are short, actionable and designed for busy sales pros)
  • ​​Exclusive Networking and Support from fellow S.A.L members in our community.​
  • Monthly “leaked” trainings from our highest-level programs​
  • Member Workshops: Each month we have one rockstar member share and teach what’s working for them to help everyone grow.
  • Bonus 1: The "Black Box of Money Scripts" (My Proven DFY Phone, Email, and Social Selling Frameworks)
  • Bonus 2: The “90 Days to $500K” Training (Exactly how I closed $500K in <90 days at a new company in a new territory with no pipeline)
  • Bonus 3: "The Vault" (50+ Hours of coaching recordings from my elite Sales Accelerator X program)

What If You Could Effortlessly 2X-5X Your Quota Every Month, Quarter, and Year With Ease…?

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

As salespeople, we started in sales because we heard of the high income potential.

So we excitingly choose a company and start working for them.

We’re told that to be successful in sales.. “It’s a NUMBERS GAME.

So we start putting the work in: tons of calls, emails, etc.

Hoping that by pure effort, we’ll start closing deals.

Now some deals close..but not to the level we expect…especially with the hard work we’ve put in.

So…we work HARDER as that is what we’re told to do.

Plus, it’s how our managers micromanage us by: their “KPI’s and activity metrics.”

“Just make more calls, send more emails, and work HARDER!”

And the hard work will lead to results..right?

But unfortunately things never seem to just “click” and results never seem to sustain.

Is that your story right now? Is that why you’re here?

Have you been busting your tail with little results to show?

Or does your story sound a little bit different?

You’ve been in sales for a while and you’ve had some success..

But it’s never..consistent.

Meaning, each month is a rollercoaster of results, income, and…emotions.

And you’re secretly wondering why you aren’t consistently crushing it..

And why those in the top 1% just seem so…”lucky”..

Have you ever thought…

“If I can’t consistently achieve the results and income I want…should I even STAY in sales?

This is exactly what went through my mind early on in sales until I discovered a predictable sales system that closed deals like clockwork.

This exact system I ran for over a decade in the trenches.

Yes, selling and leading sales teams that delivered over $700M in sales.

It’s the exact system I then went on to teach over 550+ clients after I retired from corporate life at 35.

It’s the exact system that helped my clients generate $750M+ and earn over $60M+ in commissions in just over 3 years.

The best part?

The system is simple, easy, and doesn’t require you working 80+ hours/week or making thousands of cold calls.

And no - no sleazy sales tactics or strategies from 1997 either.

I’m so confident it works that I decided to package it up into a kick-ass program at a no-brainer stupid low price of just $97/month.

(Honestly, I'm a little jealous...It took me years to learn this... And, I’m going to give it to you in a perfect system that’s easy to execute to save you time so you can get results fast.)

If you’re ready to uplevel your game and you’re tired of losing deals, join now at a steal-of-a-lifetime.

Talk soon,

Marcus Chan


Marcus Chan

My name is Marcus Chan, and I’ve been recognized by Salesforce and LinkedIn as one of the top sales experts in the world, and I don’t think there is anyone as obsessed as I am with helping salespeople crush it in sales.

When I started in B2B sales I thought I'd be absolutely amazing.

I wasn't.

In fact, I was the worst rep when I started in sales. I struggled to have any sort of success.

I struggled booking appointments and even if I could book an appointment...the sales call was like a train wreck.

I went 7 weeks without closing a single deal while all my peers were having decent success. The worst part was that I was literally outworking them all...with nothing to show for it.

At this point my boss even threatened to fire me. I was depressed, frustrated, and felt the lowest I had ever felt.

I felt like I was letting my girlfriend down, my parents, HER parents, and myself.

Fortunately I figured it out and became #1 in 3 months. I stayed #1 for 9 more months earning two promotions during that time.

Fast forward 13 more years and I stayed in B2B sales. I feel fortunate as I achieved some cool things as a result:

  • Promoted 10X in 10 years at two Fortune 500 companies
  • Hit and exceeded quota up to 250% for 13 consecutive years
  • Was in the top percentile every single in every single role for 13 years winning all types of awards such as President Club awards
  • ​​In my last role, I was a Corporate Director leading 110+ employees in one of the top regions in the country
  • ​Trained thousands of others to achieve massive sales success

By 35 I was put in a position to be able to do whatever the heck I wanted to do. I knew that in my next life I wanted to give back to the world so I left it all behind.

I also realized to truly SELL is to SERVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

I launched Venli Consulting Group at the end of 2019 to help B2B sales professionals to sell more and sell better. More importantly, to SERVE at the highest level!

As you can imagine, even with having some pretty cool success in my corporate life...it was still a scary jump into entrepreneurship especially since the stats are scary..

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately...

- 20% of businesses fail within the first year

- 50% of businesses fail by the end of the 5th year

- 70% of businesses fail by the end of the 10th year

In my first year in business, I feel very fortunate to have built a thriving and growing business. With zero funding, we've grown the business exponentially while maintaining a industry-leading profit margins.

More importantly, we've been able to impact thousands of reps around the world with our training resources and we've gone on to have worked with over 500+ sales professionals helping them win at sales teaching them all the secrets I’ve figured out over the years.

Our success has also garnered us some fortunate attention as well..

I've been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, LinkedIn, Entrepreneur, 150+ industry-leading podcasts, and I’m an executive member on the Forbes Business Council.

I've been fortunate even in the fact that the Salesforce recognized me as 3X as one of the top sales experts to follow globally.

Oh yeah - I decided to write a book too…

Six-Figure Sales Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Overfilling Your Pipeline, Closing More, and Earning in the Top 1% of Salespeople.

#6 on the Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller’s list and #1 in 9 categories on Amazon

How was I able to achieve this type of success in such a short time?

It's simple: I teach the exact proven framework and methodologies I've learned over my 13 years in selling and leading teams at the highest levels.

I’ve taken all my best secrets and I’ve compiled it into our high performance coaching program.

If you are in B2B sales and you want a big fat juicy pipeline, close an insane amount of deals, and have 100% certainty and confidence in your sales skills without working 60+ hours/week and playing the “numbers game”...

This program is for YOU.

I want to help you create the life of your dreams by mastering one of the highest-leverage skills in the world: sales.

Remember: I didn't come from money. I wasn't a born salesperson. In my heart, I'm still just that awkward and introverted kid born from poor immigrant parents.

In short, I went from nobody to financial freedom by my early 30's because of sales. If I can do it, so can you.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…


Name: Josh Patino

Results: $0 to $3.9M Closed in 18 Months

Real Estate Software


Name: Samantha Price

Results: 0 to 10 Enterprise Deals in 5 Months

Sustainability Software


Name: Travis Wittman

Results: 3X’ed Income and #1 Rep

Industry: Construction Software


Name: Keare Smith

3X’ed Income and #1 Rep

Mental Health Software


Name: Giorgio Courtis

Almost Quit to #1 Rep and Promoted

Cybersecurity Software


Name: Joe Kivlin

$100K to $600K in Commissions in 10 Months

Telecom Software

​Name: Nathan Bluhm

​Results: #1 Rep, AE of the Year, and President's Club​

​Industry: Cloud Services

Name: Avi Pai

Results: Zero to President’s Club in 12 Months

Managed IT Services

Name: Nick Basile

Closed 3X ARR in 2 Weeks

Industry: Cloud IT Solutions

Name: Reed Corless

Results: 6X'ed Income and Top 1%

Industry: Payroll Software

Name: Tanya Sherman

Bottom to #1 Rep and Buys a New Home in 5 Months

Industry: Enterprise Software

Name: Aqsa Ahmed

#1 in North America and Maxed Out Comp

Industry: Data Software

Name: Aisha Siddiq

$0 to $1M Closed in 3 Months

Industry: Commercial Design

Name: Preston Johnson

$0 to $2.9M Closed in 8 Weeks

Industry: Education Software

Name: Chris Smith

5X'ed Results in 60 Days and #1 Rep

Industry: Cybersecurity

Name: Rayan Saad

#1 for the Year and Wins Rockstar of the Year Award

Industry: Commercial Banking

We LITERALLY have HUNDREDS of success stories with the average students getting results within 14 days of joining.

Altogether, Our Clients Have Closed Over $750 Million in Dozens of Industries and Niches…

Here's just a few of the industry our clients have succeeded in...

  • ​ Software / Tech Sales​
  • Cloud Services
  • IT / Managed Services Providers
  • Payroll Services
  • Merchant Processing
  • Waste Management
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Social Media Management Services
  • ​ Safety Supplies​
  • Capital Equipment / Heavy Industry
  • Medical Device
  • Human Capital Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Marketing Services
  • Recruiting/Staffing Services
  • Consulting
  • Etc.

Selling to All Types of Stakeholders…

  • ​​ CFO’s​​​
  • CSO’s
  • ​​​CEO’s
  • CRO’s
  • ​ CTO’s
  • CIO’s
  • CHRO’s
  • CXO’s

And all the way down the chain through VP’s, directors, and lower-level stakeholders through complex sales processes.

Our Method Has Already Helped Countless Account Executives and B2B Salespeople Around the World…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

What the Step-By-Step Training Covers…

This is the most comprehensive step-by-step training you've ever seen that covers everything you need to take a prospect from COLD to CLOSED for SMB and Mid-Market. (Deal sizes of $5K-$5M ARR). Topics include but not limited to:

  • Phone prospecting
  • Email prospecting
  • Objection Handling
  • Social Selling
  • Powerful Discovery
  • Multi-threading
  • Insane Demo’s
  • Habits and Routines of the Top 1%
  • And so much more.

Everything we teach is proven and actionable as it’s based on human psychology and influencing human behavior. Each recorded training tells you exactly what to do next to get the fastest possible results.

These are proven strategies, systems, and processes that have worked for literally thousands of salespeople around the world and it’s why we have hundreds of case studies and success stories across so many industries and verticals.. They work as long as YOU put in the work.

Also, it’s been recorded into 15-20 minute digestible and actionable videos you'll have instant access to. You can learn at your own pace and leisure. Oh yeah, and it's been designed in a way that is step-by-step to completely revamp your entire sales process.

You'll have access to over 70+ hours of powerful and actionable training. Each month, we'll also "leak" one training from our highest level program, Sales Accelerator X.

If you’re worried about the time commitment? I get it - you're busy from work to your personal life...to family and other obligations. But here's the thing: The more SKILLED you are in sales, the more EFFECTIVE you'll be when you're selling.

So whatever you can carve out a week: 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc...that is still FAR BETTER than doing 0 minutes per week. So start small and move up. :)

You can check out the full curriculum here if you’d like.

How is This Different From Other Courses Out There?

Reason #1.

Everything has been proven out by me and my teams live in the field for almost 20 years now. There is no theory or fluff - proven strategies that lead to results. I was in corporate sales and sales leadership for 13 years. I did 100-250% 13 years in a row and hit President's Club almost every year.

On top of that, I've hired, trained, and developed 50+ President's Club level reps WHILE in Corporate. Meaning, I sold successfully AND I taught OTHERS to sell successfully. This is before starting my own business. Success leaves clues and I'm giving you the blueprint.

Reason #2.

It's step-by-step. Most other courses throw together trainings into a portal with no semblance of a structure. That forces you to try to figure out how to plug it into your own process. I teach it step-by-step like a recipe book to eliminate confusion and increase your speed to result.

Reason #3.

I've completely updated and revamped the course part 7 times now in 4 years. Since we've brought on hundreds of clients for my own business, I've continually improved it to help get results fast.

Reason #4.

This is based on over a decade of REAL experience and results selling through real Recessions. It is not put together by some average rep who decided to start posting on LinkedIn who then built an audience so now they're trying to sell a course lol.

I’m READY! What Are My Options?​

To invest into your #1 ASSET (you) and to upgrade your skills for life, here are 3 affordable options:

  • #1 Monthly Access: $97/month - This breaks down to less than $3/day.
  • ​#2 Yearly Access: $595/year (Over 60% Off) - This breaks down to $1.64/day..
  • ​#3 Lifetime Access with all future updates: $1997 One-Time. - If you’re in sales for even just 4 years? That’s $1.38/day.

Close More
Deals Every Month…

For Less Than $3/Day

accordion demo

Who is this for?

This is for hungry Account Executives and B2B sales pros who want to overfill their calendar, close more deals, boost their confidence, win every award possible like Presidents’ Club, and become the best version of themselves.

You may be tired of inconsistent results, information overload on LinkedIn and Youtube, and you want a clear plan on how to win and you want to surround yourself with a community of people with the same desire of greatness.

Or you’ve done well…but have never been the best. You’re on a quest to find that SLIGHT EDGE to get to the top 1%. This is the program for you.

How fast can I get results?

The faster you take action, the faster you get results. If you don’t take action, you won’t get results. It’s simple. 😄

Why is it so inexpensive?

Historically the only way salespeople have been able to work with me was through my premium Sales Accelerator X coaching program, which is a far greater investment due to the levels of support.

I wanted to create a program that could help more people and serve two purposes:

  1. Is far more affordable.
  2. Has a community based around it, which increases likelihood of results. (Courses by itself only have a 5-15% completion rate and lower success rate)

Sales Accelerator Labs is the creation. My goal is that you make at MINIMUM a 100X+ return on investment.

What happens after I pay?

You’ll be taken to a page that has a link to join the community and access to all the assets. We’ll email you a link as well to join. You’ll first create a profile and then my team will verify and approve you in within 1 business day.

How long will it take to get all the assets?

Once you’re accepted into the group, you’ll have access to everything. I do also have some extra bonus trainings that are not mentioned here that you can earn by being an active community member. There are bonus prizes too to make it fun :)

What’s the difference between this program and Sales Accelerator X?

Sales Accelerator X is our exclusive next-level program that offers premium support and includes weekly coaching calls, high accountability, a custom AI bot, call recording reviews, and more. If you want more direct access and coaching help from me, you can apply to join the program here: https:/www.sixfiguresalesacademy.com/go

Can I get this reimbursed by my company?

If your company offers an "Education Reimbursement" program, chances are good. Just ask your boss as most simply require a receipt and Certificate of Completion once complete. (Which we can provide once you complete it)

Is this program for everyone?

No, if you’re not an action-taker and you like to make excuses on why you can’t get results…then this program is NOT for you.

What if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime. There are no pro-rated refunds given you get 100% access from day 1.

What’s your refund policy?

We want to create a thriving community of salespeople who take 100% ownership and accountability. People who join already looking for a way out BEFORE they join are NOT a good fit for this.

We want people coming in with the mindset of, “How can I leverage this program to get a 100X return this year?”

We want action-takers who are betting on themselves especially with training that has produced hundreds of case studies of insane results from reps booking more meetings to literally 10X’ing their earnings in 1 year.

(Check them out here: https://www.venliconsulting.com/blog/case-studies ) We want you committed and 100% in. Therefore, we have a zero-refund policy.

If you’re still not sure, then enjoy my free Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MarcusChanimal

What if I have more questions?

Go ahead and email support@venliconsulting.com Our team will respond within 1 business day.

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